With over 50 years of culinary history, Funan Weng has stayed true to its secret recipe for delicious Ipoh Ho Fun.

Our food is distinguished by its unique combination of flavor and robust character. We are committed to consistent excellence and we strive to attain a harmony of taste, texture, colour and aroma by combining our homemade herbal sauce with our silky-smooth Ipoh Ho Fun to bring out the perfect mouth-watering temptation.

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You can choose to add an individual portion of Gourmet Dumpling Soup, Vegetable with Oyster Sauce and a Homemade Drink to get a complete Set Meal.

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Rainy day? Want to stay dry and don't feel like eating out? Working overtime? Too much work to catch up and no time to eat out? No problem, we will bring your lunch and dinner right to your door steps, keeping you dry and save you time! We provide FREE delivery for orders above $30 to offices within HDB Hub Building.

For lunch delivery, please place your order by 11.00am and delivery will be made before 12.00pm. For dinner delivery, we accept orders at any time of the day and we will make delivery before 6pm.

All condiments including sauce and soup will be packed in separate containers. This is to ensure that your Ipoh Ho Fun stays fresh and silky-smooth to your tasting pleasure.

Please call 6397 7005 for delivery service.



Ipoh Ho Fun with Prawn and Shredded Chicken    
    An all-time favorite, the prawns are fresh and tasty while the shredded chicken is succulent, juicy and flavorful. Our unique secret-recipe homemade herbal sauce is fused to complement our smooth and silky Ipoh Ho Fun very well.    
Ipoh Ho Fun with Prawns and Shredded Chicken
Gourmet Dumplings    
    Our gourmet dumplings are lovingly hand-crafted to culinary perfection with the finest ingredients. We insist on not using MSG, preservatives or frozen food. Instead, our dumplings are made from the freshest, choicest and tastiest ingredients to create the perfect tasting and healthy dumpling. Try it tasting is believing.    
Gourmet Dumplings


We accept reservations for groups of 4 persons or more and your table will be held for 5 minutes. This is to ensure that the other customers who are patiently waiting in line will get a place too. Please call 6397 7005 for reservation.

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