Funan Weng's History

Funan Weng has a long history stemming from the 1950s out of the famed Hock Lam Street. As a renowned food street, it indulged its customers with a wide variety of delicious local delights. Though Funan Weng started as a noodle stall, our forefather had the vision and the culinary expertise to branch out into a less chartered territory - the Ipoh Ho Fun. While Ipoh Ho Fun helms from Ipoh in Malaysia, the method of cooking and preparation are chiefly Singaporean. With its unique blend of herbs and spices, Mr Ho Weng perfected the balance of the flavours in the Ipoh Ho Fun sauce. Our famous Ipoh Ho Fun has enthralled fans from all over Singapore for the last 20 years. Hoping to continue our culinary legend, we have brought Funan Weng to a modern and comfortable setting.

Hock Lam Street was a haunt for many foodies hunting for traditional Singapore favourites. Funan Weng has its roots in one of its popular coffee shops, 'Tai Tien' (seen on the far left in the above photo). Tai Tien was the highlight destination of Hock Lam Street, and this was where Mr Ho Teng Fun started his first food stall selling Wanton Noodles in 1955.

The eldest son, Mr. Ho Weng (spotted in this photo) took over the stall later in 1963.

Hock Lam Street was redeveloped.  Mr. Ho Weng decided to follow Tai Tien Coffee shop and move the stall to a temporary location behind Capitol Cinema, continuing his Wanton Noodle food business in 1977.

After Funan Centre was built over the site in Hock Lam Street in 1985, Mr. Ho Weng moved the food stall to a food court on the 7th floor of Funan Centre, and it was here where he created his own recipe sauce for Ipoh Ho Fun and started the business name “Funan Weng”. The Ipoh Ho Fun was an instant hit and it became Funan Weng’s signature dish.

It was also during this time that Funan Weng was invited to feature its famous Ipoh Ho Fun on a cooking show with the then SBC TV Station.

Funan Centre underwent major renovation in 1993 and the food court was closed.  Funan Weng later moved to a hawker stall in Ghim Moh Market to continue its popular Ipoh Ho Fun food legend where the crowd followings continue.

Funan Weng branches out from the hawker stall environment and opens its first modern contemporary restaurant in Maxwell Chambers, serving not only the traditional and famous Ipoh Ho Fun but also the first MSG-free Gourmet Dumplings in Singapore.

Artist's Impression of Interior

Maxwell Chambers

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