Funan Weng has been featured regularly on local newspapers, food magazines and food blogs. Critics have repeatedly hailed Funan Weng's unique herbal secret sauce and silky smooth Ipoh Ho Fun as the "best you can get".

In 2013, Funan Weng was awarded the Asia Pacific Brands Award, which is a nation-wide initiative conferred to the finest commercial and consumers brands and organisations in Singapore. With the increasing number of finest local brands, achieving this esteemed hallmark of success is certainly a significant milestone in the branding journey of any local home-grown brands.

Funan Weng was also featured on popular local TV programs "寻味地图" or "A Taste of History" and “星洲风味” or "Singapore Food Fare" aired by Media Corp Channel U in 2014 and SBC Channel 8 in 1990 respectively.


Asia Pacific Brands Award 2013

"The Award is created in 2011 by ASIA BUSINESS JOURNAL and supported by TRADE AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) TIAS to recognise and acknowledge promising brands and the entrepreneurs behind the brands. A salute to their achievements, professionalism in their business practise, ethics and contributions to the economy of Singapore. It serves as a yardstick for local enterprise to benchmark their brand equity against their competitors. "


Straits Times 10 September 2010


Straits Times 10 September 2010


Lianhe Zaobao (September 18, 2010)

Lianhe Wanbao (September 17, 2010)

These two articles highlight that Funan Weng has more than 50 years of culinary history. From the old Hock Lam Street to Ghim Moh Food Center and now Maxwell Chambers at Maxwell Road, the modern setting has provided a complete new look and feel, yet the traditional taste and quality still remains the same after all these years! With 11 different varieties for the main dishes and 17 delicious choices for the side dishes plus thirst-quenching beverages and yummie desserts, it definitely provides an excellent dining experience!

    Straits Times 10 September 2010

Shin Min Daily (September 16, 2010)

Tan Kuan Yong from Shin Min Daily visits Funan Weng and claims that it had brought back some good old fond memories of her childhood. She particularly enjoys the Char Siew & Wanton Noodles. Delicious food with reasonable prices plus comfortable setting and friendly services, it's absolutely a good place for the consumers to consider!


The New Paper (September 14, 2010)

Yeoh Wee Teck from The New Paper visits Funan Weng on two separate occasions and the clear winner from both visits was the gourmet dumplings. To top off the good food, service is sincere and friendly. Based on his experience, it is more than good enough for those seeking comfort food.

Straits Times 10 September 2010

The Straits Times (September 10, 2010)

Wong Ah Yoke from The Straits Times recommends Funan Weng as the week's picks. He commented the hor fun is delicious with its tasty gravy and definitely beats all the other Ipoh hor fun available in Singapore. His favourite dish is nonetheless the wonton mee, which is springy and has the same delicious dark gravy!


Business Times (October 12, 2009)

Audrey Phoon from the Business Times visits Funan Weng for a taste test. She rated the restaurant a 7/10 and sums up the experience with 'simple food done right', emphasizing the improvement in atmosphere and food from the restaurant's previous location which had a large fan following of its own.

Business Times (September 12, 2009)

Funan Weng was one of four restaurants featured in the Business Times. The article highlights exciting up-and-coming restaurants in the newly revitalized Tanjong Pagar area where thousands of professionals frequent everyday. Funan Weng's history and culinary excellence is examined in some detail. In particular, it mentions the recent takeover of the business from the founder's father and how he is innovating the decades old business by moving out of the food hawker setting and establishing Funan Weng in a modern ambiance.



i Weekly (August 26, 2010)

Nostalgia hits as one looks at Funan Weng's photos of its growing up years. The secret recipe sauce leaves one wanting more, while the dumplings, made with fresh ingredients with no MSG, taste just like homemade....


Video of Singapore Food Fare (1990)

Watch Singapore Broadcasting Channel 8's "Singapore Food Fare" or “星洲风味” which was aired in 1990.  The hostess, evergreen actress Zeng Hui Fen (曾慧芬) introduced Funan Weng’s famous Ipoh Ho Fun and invited him to demonstrate the cooking of the delicious Ipoh Ho Fun.


Lianhe Wanbao (June 17, 1990)

This article was published when Funan Weng was still residing in Funan Centre. Highlighting our Herbal Secret Sauce and Silky Smooth Ipoh Ho Fun, the article explains the passion and care that our founder, Mr. Ho Weng, has put into creating the Herbal Secret Sauce, and also into using the best ingredients to ensure that it is the best. To sample the best Ipoh Ho Fun, Funan Weng is the place to go.


Local Favourites Guide (1995)

This 1995 issue of this definitive guide to Singapore's hawkers' cuisine seeks to feature the best Singapore hawkers for local delights. In it, Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun is described as "One of the BEST You can Get!"


大街小巷 好吃情报 (2003)
Food & Beverage Intelligence (FBI)

This enthusiastic collection of FBI snippets showcases the best of Singapore hawkers. Published in 2003, it sought to produce a written record of Singapore’s successful hawkers who have displayed extraordinary efforts through their passion for their businesses. Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun is proud to be a part of this chronicle of Singapore’s achievements in culinary delights.

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