Funan Weng's
mission is to bring a traditional recipe of delicious Ipoh Ho Fun to people all over Singapore. Funan Weng's first modern concept restaurant is located at Maxwell Chambers and aims to provide a relaxing and pleasing environment. We strive to provide exemplary service to our customers, whether they plan to dine in leisure or do a quick takeout in the middle of a busy workday.

Our Logo is a vital part of our identity. Our history, values and philosophies are embedded within it. We aspire to be the best Ipoh Ho Fun Restaurant, infusing good taste, passion, and integrity in all we do. We hope customers see the deep history and principles imbued in us and in our food, the same way it is imbued in our logo.


Weng / 榮

The letter 'G' in 'Weng' is depicted as the character 榮. The bridging of the English and Chinese words symbolizes the integration of the East and the West which is evident in Funan Weng's traditional Chinese cuisine and its modern contemporary atmosphere.

Additionally, Weng ( 榮) is the name of Funan Weng's forefather, and in Chinese means 'glory' and 'honor'.



The circular form of the logo represents continuity and progression since 1955 -- The continuation of the family recipe for Ipoh Ho Fun and the progression to a modern and comfortable ambience.



Funan Weng first started in the 1950s in Hock Lam Street and at the site of the building we now know as Funan IT Mall



Red signifies Courage, Strength, and Passion in all our endeavors.

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